Well, it’s been a little while…

In my defense, a LOT has happened since my last post. I haven’t just been sitting on my couch catching up on Shameless on Netflix (although there has been a little of that). Let me recap my last few months for you:

I auditioned for The Voice in Baltimore, so I made a little vacation out of it and visited D.C. I always stop by Arlington National Cemetery to see my grandparents’ graves when I make it up there.

I had been looking at places and putting offers in since January, and in March, I had an offer accepted – finally! I was pretty consumed with the home buying process in March and focusing on not spending any money. The diet I was on? The Moving Diet – it focuses on not buying food because you are scared to spend money.

I bought a place of my own – my little (but a lot bigger than my old place) condo, which I LOVE! Then, a few days later I went to Nashville. And then I came home and celebrated my birthday!

May was quite the busy month! It started off with potentially meeting the love of my life, but more on that in the months to come (hopefully). I also spent a nice, long weekend in the Outer Banks with the best people in the world.

My friend got married, I threw another friend (who is getting married next week) a Murder Mystery Bachelorette Party, I had a very successful gig at Lonerider Brewing Company, and my dad and brother came to visit!

It kind of feels like I’ve been at the beach for the entire month of July, which is maybe the best thing in the world. I kicked off July in the Outer Banks, and then my mom and I did a mother/daughter beach week a couple weeks ago. It was so relaxing and just what I needed. We also visited Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, NC, which is one of my favorite things my mom and I have ever done!

And that takes us to the present. I’m just trying to make it to the beach as much as possible, and do some things to better myself – things are in the pipeline, so stay tuned. I’ll be doing a summer fashion post a little later this month, despite the fact that I think I’ve been in a swimsuit the ENTIRE summer. That’s all for now! Follow me on Instagram for slightly more timely updates!

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